The Heart of Mary School is a Private Non-Subsidised School and a Private-Subsidised School in the Second Stage of Early Childhood Education, whose commitment to education dates back to 1976. The titular entity is the Congregation of Missionary Daughters of The Heart of Mary, and, as a Church centre, its educational action is based on a Christian conception of the man, life and world.

It has in mind the objective set by its Founding Statutes: “In the students’ formation, they not only strive to enrich the intelligence but the whole person, evidencing the intimate relationship that exists among the arts, sciences and the Christian spirit”.

Our Centre complements Personalized and Integral Training promoting Personal Excellence, Educational Innovation, the creation of a real Bilingual Environment, and Artistic Training, placing Music as a core part of the curriculum and updating a presence of ICT in the classroom.

The Heart of Mary School currently has two levels of Early Childhood Education (aged 1 to aged 5) and the progressing implementation of Primary Education, with its first stage already running.

The nature of a Private-Subsidised Centre is maintained for the second stage of Childhood Education, aged 3 to aged 5. The centre operates as a private school for the remaining units.