The Heart of Mary School’ Educational Project involves awakening of environmental awareness through training in respect for the environment and understanding the interrelation among the environment, human beings and all living beings.

The Centre itself is environmental-committed to the use of natural resources at its disposal, favouring a responsible application in teaching work and the installation of renewable energies, as well.

The privileged surroundings of our School foster environmental education because its facilities are in contact with nature, outside the town and fenced about trees and plants, which allows the children to enjoy a direct and constant connection with nature.

In this regard, the greenhouse and the School Garden of The Heart of Mary School are very practical didactic spaces to interrelate with the environment. Each educational level has a plot of land to grow seasonal products during the school year and there is a seed box in every classroom.

The School also sets up some educational routes, where nature elements constitute the main focus of attention to children.