The Heart of Mary School pioneered the ICTs introduction in the classroom. In 2003, the Centre had already recycled PCs that were turned into powerful graphical terminals with free software (Linux) and internet access from kindergarten classrooms to search for information.

It is the experience we have had for a number of years what help us estimate the ICTs use as an additional, integrated and updated resource to be applied in the Educational Project of The Heart of Mary School, which live with many other past and present instruments that have widely proved to be effective in education

So, the application of ICTs in The Heart of Mary School classrooms becomes a versatile tool that allows developing interactive activities, knowing the multimedia language and accessing information via internet, always aiming at training free, coherent and discerning people, who look at things with a critical eye to differentiate them supported by the Christian Humanism values among the melting-pot of contents that are accessible to us.

To this end, The Heart of Mary School classrooms are equipped with Interactive Whiteboard and all kinds of technological tools adapted to the students’ age in different educational stages

In Primary Education, ROBOTICS is also introduced as a technological tool that promotes the development of certain basic skills.