The Heart of Mary School pedagogical approach considers the parents as the first and fundamental educators and in that sense, the families are the core part of its Educational Project to work hand in hand sharing the task of offering their children quality education that pays attention to all the dimensions of the human being.

To go with them in this sensitive and exciting mission, the School guarantees reliable, close and personal attention, maintaining on-going dialogue with them and taking for granted that the centre and the family must work together and support the same Educational Project.

The centre also offers a wide schedule and a summer course in July, which allows the reconciliation of work and family life.

The Heart of Mary School pedagogical approach also promotes the parents take part in different activities, being assisted in their training through the School for Parents plan.

At The Heart of Mary School, the educational task is faced eagerly and happily, making sure that the children look on the bright side of the world, of learning and of themselves.

The Project ensures a climate of confidence and affection as the best guarantee to respect the teacher authority, legitimising his/her instructional policies by turning him/her into a companion of the learning process whose leader will be actually the own student.

From this support and confidence, the child’s self-confidence grows, takes responsibility for his training and learns better.

Finally, that close and confident climate also improves the relationship with the families and that of the entire education community, in general.

Since its foundation, the School Entity Holder has shown great interest in anticipating the new educational realities, always looking for the necessary training, qualifying to acquire new skills and having not only the necessary training and qualifications but also the highest level of knowledge about the application of new methodologies and their real benefit to education.

The Methodological Approach of The Heart of Mary School has become a Community of Learning in which we all learn to learn.

The teachers’ team is actively involved in this methodological approach, bringing themselves up-to-date and looking forward to collaborating in the educational task in a better way.

Accordingly, the School for Parents also emerges. That is a biweekly meeting where families receive guidance in relation to their children’s education and share experiences and concerns with other parents and educators.

Attention to all capacities, human training and the projection of each person in society are gathered in the Methodological Approach of The Heart of Mary School, with the certainty that the success and happiness are achieved through Learning to Be and not Learning to have.

In socialisation, the aim to be achieved is the students’ full development by training them in respecting fundamental rights and freedoms, getting them ready to be integrated in a pluralist current society and encouraging them to actively collaborate in the construction of a more human world that eases to reach each student’s personal fulfilment.

To that end, dialogue and respect for each other’s inner richness possibilities, enhancing the equality and justice with responsibility for the importance of human, intellectual and moral preparation to be useful to society are reinforced.

In the personal scope, from an early age, the School forges determined people, consistent with their principles, responsible and able to autonomously face the arising challenges. Besides, creativity and autonomy are promoted to overcome new demands both in an individual and collaborative way.

Values such as happiness, the positive spirit, responsibility, effort, tenacity or perseverance are worked. Aesthetic sensibility, the management of one’s own time and the quest for excellence in learning and life are also supported.

We also aim people who are Innovative, proficient, supportive and willing to take on risks for the common good.

Finally, the Educational Project of The Heart of Mary School is headed for building free people, who are consistent with their principles and not only committed to themselves but to those around them and the own society, in order to reach the full accomplishment and happiness in leading their own life.

Our Educational Project, framed in the Methodological Approach of the Heart of Mary School, foresees the religious school education as a part of education in faith and its offers, contributing to the dialogue between Faith and Culture, strengthening a testimonial environment and a Christian experience. That education in faith is confined to activities such as prayer and, keeping with freedom of conscience, are headed towards enhancing healthy spirituality, open to transcendence, Jesus Christ’s discovery and Message to fulfil the person and taking the Virgin Mary so simple and humble of Heart as a model.