Children’s education early years are essential for the rest of their lives because they discover and internalise everything that will help them build their future.

It is the stimuli quantity and quality they receive that will determine the development of their neurological growth and organization, bearing in mind their great potential at early ages.

The discovery of oneself and others provides the basis for socialisation and the way they position themselves in front of the little world, which is opening up to them in the classroom, will determine their learning.

The first six years of life in human beings build the bases for their self-esteem and it is then when they develop confidence, security, autonomy and initiative at the time of relating to other people and the culture they belong to.

Being conscious of it, The Heart of Mary School has applied Early Stimulation Techniques for many years because we think it is essential to place the children themselves in the world in a particular way and get proper incentives to put into practice some good neurological and emotional organization. We believe that every child has a huge scope within him and must be helped to find it so that he can reach complete personal fulfilment.

Early Stimulation Techniques performed at The Heart of Mary School are also aimed at preparing the mind to phonological and acoustical familiarization with other language and music as a basis for the children’s inner and intellectual development.