At the beginning of its history, The Heart of Mary School was a formation centre aimed at young postulants to the Congregation of The Missionary Daughters of The Heart of Mary. Later on, the Second Stage of Basic General Education and First-Degree of Professional Training in the Administrative and Nursery School branches were taught.

In 1976, at the request of the Bishop Anastasio Granados, a child day care was opened by our Congregation, becoming a care centre where children were looked for while their parents went to work.

Stating an innovative profile from the very beginning, the Entity Holder resolved to go beyond that type of care and placed particularly great interest in providing the centre with an academic style that included age projects and mixed groups of boys and girls. Immediately, some Centre Teaching Programmes with Lessons began to be developed annually, and the strand has being followed since its foundation, verifying that the bet was correct.

Following the enactment of the Organic Act on the General Organisation of the Education System (LOGSE), in 1994, the school opening was authorized as an Early Childhood Education for the second cycle of the stage, that is, children aged 3 to aged 5. In 1998, the first cycle for children aged 1 and 2 years was also included.

After being repeatedly requested, in 2002 the Educational Subsidy was granted to the second cycle units of Early Childhood Education, which became standing forums devoted to educational innovation with the incorporation of new technologies in 2003.

Pioneers in this field, the Missionary Daughters of The Heart of Mary, do not stop training their professionals, remaining today on the cutting-edge of education and introducing the most effective methodologies with the development of the multiple intelligences, collaborative learning, early stimulation or project work, as well as the on-going presence of music or the English language in the classroom. Human and Christian education, which all our educational activity is based on, have not been forgotten on which all our educational activity is based.

The history of The Heart of Mary School has been characterised by an endless entrepreneurial spirit, what also led them to eagerly undertake a new challenge in 2016. The Missionary Daughters of The Heart of Mary, convinced that their educational project had to be continued, launched the Primary Education phase by signing a lease to set up the new courses in the former Saint Augustine’s School, on the other side of Carretera de Madrid.

In the just-fitted classrooms, this new educational phase was implemented, keeping it as a private school, as well as the first cycle of Early Childhood Education.

Currently, the school centre has also incorporated and in both venues, state-of-the-art facilities for the development of Música y Persona, a personal educational project that recommends teaching of the violin techniques from the age of three, turning this artistic training into one of the hallmarks of The Heart of Mary School.