The education project of The Heart of Mary places the student at the centre of the educational activity, turning him/her into an active protagonist of his/her own learning process.

The project is proposed as a global way to guide the child in his/her intellectual, personal and spiritual growth, equipping him with the necessary tools so that he can build his own project of life and earnestly contribute to that of tomorrow’s society.

The education project of The Heart of Mary takes into account that each student is exceptional, and so, our project is addressed to each of them according to their capabilities, as we understand that our mission is to help develop the full potential, awaken their vocations, discover the best they have to become free, creative and coherent people committed to the truth.

From the very beginning, The Heart of Mary School has been at the cutting-edge of educational innovation, adjusting those experiences that have been proven to be positive on its curriculum to acquire more autonomous learning based on direct observation, understanding of what is learned and development of many intellectual capacities that every student has. The combination of this careful look at today’s world, with an educational practice for 40 years, has led us to include the best past and present approaches in our Project to generate trust in the student and show him/her his ability to learn to learn with a reflective and critical role.

The educational plans of The Heart of Mary School show awareness of the student’s own learning and the quest for both intellectual and personal excellence at a very early age. Wanting to learn and improve are some attitudes promoted by the Educational Project by awakening interest, letting our students be guided by curiosity and wonder, the other’s appraisal or his environment and deep thought.

Music is an essential instructive element in the Educational Project of the Heart of Mary School that brings in new subtleties of quality and helps students accomplish determination and perseverance, in addition to delving deeper into the collaborative aspects of learning. In our School, children have the opportunity to take up the violin from three years on and in Primary School, playing the violin is included in the curriculum, where the number of compulsory hours devoted to it is increased. It is a fundamental element to foster meditation and reflection, work on feelings, acquire aesthetic sensitivity, beauty criteria and balance and favour intellectual and personal development. Besides, music education prepares and complements listening skills for language learning. Likewise, musical education allows listening skill to be ready to learn languages.
At the Heart of Mary School Educational Project, the English language is worked in a singular and methodological approach. Well-trained and native professionals introduce the children into the language from 1 year on to develop their phonological and auditory awareness and lay the foundations to strengthen oral expression versus writing expression in the following stages.
Both by playing the violin and practising the English language, children have access to Trinity College London English tests that guarantee their learning process.

Music and the English language are recorded in the Heart of Mary Educational Project as elements for excellence by using methodologies that promote early stimulation, experiential and contextualised education, the development of multiple intelligences, education of feelings, collaborative learning and project work. In addition, Chess, educational pathways, the robotics and new Technologies progression in the classroom, artistic training or the school garden as elements placed at the forefront of the educational task favour an integral growth.