The Heart of Mary School is aware of each child’s exclusiveness and the different possibilities and singular abilities he has and we must help him discover and grow. That is why Multiple Intelligences are promoted at The Heart of Mary School by learning through developing them with some paths that encourage different approach experiences and starting points. Children are offered facilities to experience real life from diverse learning fields that allow them to find out their own vocations, their capabilities and limits, providing them with tools to become more competent from their particular projection.

From these multiple intelligences, The Heart of Mary School directs the different approaches to guarantee comprehension, both in Early Childhood Education and Primary School, convinced that the student should understand their learning process as something useful and applicable to different environments and situations of the reality that surrounds him.

In practice, it is about carrying out different actions to prove that the student has understood what he has learned, is able to assimilate his knowledge and above all, to apply it in other cases and forms. The goal of the Projects for comprehension is that knowledge becomes a resource and an acquired competence that will be useful for him in the future.

The development of the logical-mathematical intelligence is the project encouraged by The Heart of Mary School both in Early Childhood Education and Primary School. It is a project based on Mathematics work from a practical point, making the learning of mathematical content become something functional and affordable for the student. The project suggests dynamic and pleasant challenges that foster motivation and concentration. Besides, through diverse stimuli, ENTUSIASMAT considers unlike strategies that cause the child progresses from concrete to abstract thought and he achieves it by analysing and solving mathematical situations in actual and practical contexts.

Creative literacy is the project carried out by our school Centre to learn the language in Early Childhood Education. Its aim is to promote the language as a communicative, spoken and written tool which is advisable to understand reality and organize knowledge and thinking. Thus, literacy is worked in a contextualised way and from a fundamentally-creative basis, applying a combining methodology of the global perspective of the language with another synthetic-phonetic perspective.

The project applies Early Stimulation techniques so that the learning process can be carried out naturally and dynamically, embedded itself into the pupil’s own neuronal development.