Class Schedule for students –

Lessons are taught from 17,30 to 18,30 hours in the Association facilities. Primary lessons are taught in the facilities prepared at own School.

Trinity Primary
Trinity Primary
(To 17.30h)
Trinity Primary
Trinity Primary
(To 18.00h)
Early Chilhood Education
Early Chilhood Education
Early Chilhood Education

Class Schedule for parents

There is no a set day for fathers and mothers’ lessons although they last one hour once a week from 19 to 20 hours adapted to their job schedule. For more information,please contact us..


Who can take part in violin lessons?

Your son or daughter can take part in violin lessons from 3 years on if he/she is a Heart of Mary student.

Are the lessons only to teach the children or the young?

No. Children’s fathers and mothers are possible to join in.

Who can belong to the School Choir?

The Primary students of The Heart of Mary School.

Who can belong to the Family Choir?

The children’s parents and grandparents who are enrolled at School.

Who can take part in Music therapy sessions?

Students with learning and concentration problems, the students’ parents and grandparents.


Where can you buy the violin?

You can buy it in specialised music shops or in the Association.

Which size is the most appropriate?

The violin sizes are related to the children’s arm sizes. The violin teacher will decide the right size your child should use over the year: 1/16 (the smallest violin), 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 ó 4/4 (final).

The instrument quality should be hand-made or assembly-line production?

The difference between a hand-made or assembly-line violin is remarkable in relation to the refined and varnished quality. That affects the sound quality.

How to know the instrument quality you want to buy?

If you want, you can have some counsel in the Association, where you will be advised on the most suitable one. You can also ask for the offers prepared by the same Association about the hand-made violins.

What other accessories do you need for violin playing?

It will also be necessary to buy a shoulder pad to put the violin over it (suited to the instrument size), a metronome (analogue or app for a tablet or a mobile phone like a soundcorset), a cloth for cleaning the violin, and a music stand.

Day by day

Timetable for violin lessons

There is no a fixed timetable. Early Childhood Education have lessons out of school hours, 17,30 to 18,30 once a week. The hour and day are established every year. The hour for Primary students is included in the curricular hours, devoting three hours a week.

Timetable for Family Choir

Two days a week for two hours.

Timetable for rehearsals of Musical Theatre

Coming soon.

Music therapy sessions for children

Coming soon.

Music therapy sessions for adults

Coming soon.

Our entity is constituted as a Non-profit Cultural Entity where donations from individuals and entities are accepted, as a possible manner to collaborate in supporting activities and own concerns for which it was established..

One of them is the start-up of a grant system that will allocate a percentage of those donations to cover one student per course.

The grant-holding students should meet some conditions relating to their qualities, efforts and economic means. The final target of the grants is to help children that do not have enough resources although they have musical talent and eagerness to develop them.

There are already many people who in one way or another support the Association with their time, work or economic contribution. It is everyone’s effort what makes it possible for our project to reach more and more children and in better conditions.

We encourage you to join in with your contribution to the account number:

Banco Popular / ES51 – 0075 – 0142 – 58 – 0605138896

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at the following numbers: +34 979165439 – +34 979711505

If you prefer, you can send us an email to the following address: